Workshop Evaluation Forms

Category A: Management

Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome: Developing a Site Strategy for Removal Actions

Asbestos Response - History and Regulations

Enforcement and Legal Issues for OSCs

Knowing and Using the National Contingency Plan

Media Relations Training

Stress Management for OSCs

The Daily Grind: Project Management for Effective Field Operations

Category B: Science and Technology


Bio 101 and Bioterrorism

Bucket Chemistry for Field Responders (11-18)

Bucket Chemistry for Field Responders (11-19)

Industrial Processes

Innovative Treatment Technology: Bioterrorism

Radiation at Superfund Sites - Advanced

Category C: Resources and Tools

Air Quality Modeling

Basic Air Monitoring

Data Management Issues, Tools, and Resources for OSCs

Incident Command System/Unified Command (11/19)

Incident Command System/Unified Command (11/20)

Risk Communication (11/20)

Risk Communication (11/21)

Category D: Response

Anthrax Response

Asbestos - Sampling and Analysis

Bioremediation of Oil Spills

Clandestine Drug Labs

Dangerous and Hazardous Buildings (11/18)

Dangerous and Hazardous Buildings (11/19)

Introduction to Explosive Recognition and Safety for OSCs

Response Issues at Pipeline Spills

Safe Handling of Compressed and Liquified Gases (11/18)f

Safe Handling of Compressed and Liquified Gases (11/19)

Category E: Prevention and Preparedness

Drill and Exercise Design

Inland Oil Resources: Alternative Countermeasures for Oil Spills

Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) on the Endangered Species Act and Oil Spills

SPCC and FRP: "The New Rules"