Tech Zone

The Tech Zone offers demonstrations of various technologies that OSCs use in emergency response and removal actions. The OSC Readiness Training Board anticipates approximately 400 attendees including, EPA OSCs, EPA senior managers, state OSCs and other Federal agencies. In addition, the Environmental Response Team's (ERT) Technical Services will be available to help OSCs learn how to build web sites and gain access to EPA's Remote Access and Virtual Private Networking Services.

The Tech Zone will be located in the Richlieu Ballroom of the Radisson. The Tech Zone will open to participants on Monday, November 17 at 1:30 p.m. and will adjourn on Thursday, November 20 at 12:00 p.m. A welcome reception will be held on Monday, November 17 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in the Tech Zone. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the Tech Zone will close at 5:30 p.m.

For more information, contact Raji Ganguli, Tetra Tech EM Inc., by e-mail at or by telephone at (703) 390-0628.

Listed below are abstracts provided by the exhibitors. The list will be updated as more abstracts become available.

Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) provides support activities related to preparation, preparedness, and emergency response for incidents involving hazardous materials releases such as Medical Management Guidelines for Acute Chemical Exposure and the capabilities of the Emergency Response Section.

ATSDR presents the informational series, Managing Hazardous Materials Incidents (MHMI), which is the most respected, looked to, referenced, and utilized resource for acute chemical exposures by medical and emergency management professionals in North America and Europe. MHMI has, over the past years, proven itself to be an invaluable resource to the community in the training of first responders and hospital emergency room staff.

MHMI was developed to provide emergency medical services (EMS) personnel and hospital emergency departments (EDs) with the necessary guidance to plan for and improve their ability to respond to incidents that involve human exposure to hazardous materials. To ensure appropriate and timely care to exposed persons, as well as take measures to protect themselves, emergency personnel must have an understanding of decontamination procedures and personal protective equipment.

By providing emergency medical personnel with the information they need to decontaminate and treat persons exposed to hazardous materials, ATSDR will in part fulfill its mission to prevent or mitigate adverse human health effects and diminished quality of life resulting from exposure to hazardous substances in the environment.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives' (ATF) Static display will feature a variety of inert commercial and military explosive materials and products, and a sampling of inert improvised explosive devices that could potentially pose a hazard to affected personnel. ATF personnel also will be on hand to answer questions about explosives and discuss the role ATF plays in the field of explosive materials. More information is available at

Atlantic Nuclear Corp. representing Ludlum Measurements Inc.
Atlantic Nuclear Corp. representing Ludlum Measurements Inc. will display radiation detection, radiation monitoring, and other associated radiation safety supplies. Displayed items will include: radiation detection kits, area monitors, low background portable counting devices and samples of radiation decontamination products, as well as other products necessary to prevent radiation contamination.

Bama Jammer Promotions
Bama Jammer Promotions, Huntsville, Alabama is a federally certified 8(a), Hubzone, 100% woman-owned, small disadvantaged business. Bama Jammer Promotions does embroidery and screen printing work and markets thousands of promotional and advertising specialty products. They recently signed a five-year contract with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to provide identity clothing for the EPA. They will be displaying samples of the identity clothing and other items that will be available through the new EPA on-line fulfillment program. These products will all bear the EPA logo. Other samples of logo products will also be on display in their exhibit.

Berkeley Nucleonics Corp. and Phoenix Scientific Sales
Berkeley Nucleonics Corp. (BNC) and Phoenix Scientific Sales provide a synergistic solution for emergency response radiation detection with an instrumentation and training package that includes the handheld palmRAD Nuclear Radiation Meter, the portable SAM 935 Surveillance and Measurement system, and the BNC Radiation Detection Training seminar.

The portable SAM 935 Surveillance and Measurement system utilizes advanced gamma-spectroscopy technology to identify and measure multiple radioactive isotopes in real-time, including special nuclear materials (SNM) and medical and industrial isotopes.

The handheld palmRAD Nuclear Radiation Meter is a precision Geiger-Mueller meter that detects and measures alpha, beta, gamma, and x-ray forms of radiation. The unit is built around a highly accurate halogen-quenched detector tube and is designed for emergency response, domestic preparedness, and hazardous material safety.

BNC's Radiation Detection, Surveillance and Measurement Seminar focuses on training personnel on optimal use of the SAM 935 Surveillance and Measurement system and the palmRAD 904 Nuclear Radiation Meter for emergency response and counter-terrorism applications, as well as general techniques for health physics and environmental waste management.

Centech Group Inc.
The Centech Group Inc. provides a world class spectrum of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) detection systems, protection equipment, and decontamination systems. Centech's Homeland Security division was created in 1999, well before today's heightened national security awareness. Centech features the AP2C chemical weapons detector using state-of-the-art flame spectrophotometer technology. The AP2C has no membrane that may clog or retain materials and allows for the quickest recycling time available among portable chemical weapons agent detectors. The AP2C is also the only chemical weapons detector able to identify precursors to chemical weapons in vapor or liquid form.

Chemical Biological Applications & Risk Reduction Business Unit - U. S. Army Soldier Biological Chemical Command
The Chemical Biological Applications & Risk Reduction Business Unit (CBARR) of the U.S. Army Soldier Biological Chemical Command (SBCCOM) will display an exhibit showcasing their capabilities and services. CBARR has highly skilled personnel that provide:

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) Servicing: Test, repair, and provide maintenance of commercial and military protective equipment
  • Risk management: Hazard analysis, risk assessments, standard operating procedure development, physical security assessment, field-testing, and inspection
  • Training: General industrial safety, nuclear, biological and chemical agent recognition; decontamination methods; sample acquisition; detection methods; PPE selection and use; and practical exercises
  • Near Real-Time Monitoring: Automated continuous monitoring, near real-time detection of airborne contamination, mobile and fixed configuration laboratories
  • On-Site Analysis: Fully functional mobile labs, state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation, 24-hour operation
  • Perimeter Monitoring: Open-Path Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy to perform down-wind perimeter monitoring, identify and quantify target compounds in air, detection along a path length of up to 400 meters, detection of more than 250 compounds including chemical warfare agents
  • Field Operations: Demolition of former chemical-biological process facilities, site remediation, and environmental investigation
  • Live Agent Operation: Chemical agent synthesis, purification, demilitarization program, and support law enforcement community in chemical-biological screening
  • SBCCOM staff will also provide information on Homeland Defense training available to various government agencies.

Climatronics Corporation
Climatronics Corporation will demonstrate and provide training on a Portable Meteorological Station. The station measures wind speed and direction, temperature, relative humidity, pressure, and solar radiation and precipitation using classic instrumentation mounted on a 3-meter tripod. Data will be telemetered to a computer for display, archiving, and analysis. Alternately, this data may be transmitted via a Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) to a central collection facility.

Draeger Safety Inc.
Draeger Safety Inc. provides products and services to first responders, military, and law enforcement personnel. Their safety products focus on respiratory protection and gas detection equipment used to protect first responders, soldiers, industrial workers, and civilians from toxic chemicals and vapors. Their products include rebreathers, self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), military dive units, gas detection products, and chemical agent detection kits.

Emergency Management Accreditation Program
The preparedness of our communities for natural and manmade disasters is of vital and growing importance to public health and safety, to the environment and to the economy. State and local emergency management programs -- the entities responsible for planning and coordinating disaster mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery -- play a crucial role in creating safer communities and in reducing losses to residents, businesses, and important infrastructures. In an effort to assure that state and local emergency management capabilities are as strong as they can be, a group of national organizations have worked together to create an accreditation process for emergency management programs: the Emergency Management Accreditation Program, or EMAP.

EMAP uses collaboratively developed national emergency management standards, documentation requirements, and peer assessment teams to evaluate a program's activities. The standards used, collectively called the EMAP Standard, are based on the NFPA 1600 Standard on Disaster/Emergency Management and Business Continuity Programs and were developed by state, local, and federal emergency management practitioners.

A group of national organizations, including the National Emergency Management Association, International Association of Emergency Managers, Federal Emergency Management Agency, U.S. Department of Transportation, U.S. Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs, Association of State Flood Plain Managers, Institute for Business and Home Safety, International Association of Fire Chiefs, National Association of Counties, National Association of Development Organizations, National Conference of State Legislatures, National Governors Association, National League of Cities, The Council of State Governments, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, partnered to create EMAP as a means of fostering continuous improvement of emergency management program capabilities. EMAP provides the opportunity for programs to be recognized for compliance with national standards, to demonstrate accountability, and to focus attention on areas and issues where resources are needed.

Empire Safety and Supply Company
Empire Safety and Supply Company, along with HazTech Systems Inc., provide emergency response products from personal protective equipment to hazardous material classification and identification systems. Empire Safety and Supply Company is a full line distributor of industrial safety equipment and hazmat supplies, including the HazCat line of chemical identification and classification systems. Visit their booth at the Tech Zone for the latest product and technical information. For more information, visit

EPA Airborne Spectral Photo-Imaging Environmental Collection Technology (ASPECT)
ASPECT is the result of the development and integration of sophisticated chemical monitoring equipment onto an airborne platform. The technologies being used are an Infrared (IR) Line Scanner combined with a rapid-scan Fourier Transformation Infrared Spectrometer (FTIR) and the latest generation of processing portable computers. This technology application uses passive infrared energy (radiance) to measure the energy absorbed and released by chemicals in the atmosphere. The system is capable of accurately detecting and quantifying concentrations of specific chemicals in air at levels that present human health threats.

The ASPECT system can be deployed to most release incidents occurring in the lower 48 states within ten hours. Voice and data communication capabilities on the system allow for near real-time data to be transmitted to incident commanders at the scene. This gives the decision makers on the ground quantified, quality data in a digital graphics format which otherwise would take days to compile.

Additional equipment incorporated into the ASPECT system includes a high-resolution digital still camera and a digital video camera. The digital still camera has the capability to provide digital aerial photographs at a resolution of 5 million pixels. The digital video camera provides for the capability to transmit video clips to the incident commanders on the ground.
Transmission of data from the aircraft to the ground is through a wireless either-net link operating at 11 megabits/second. A self-contained downlink package is provided to the incident commander either by direct hand over at a nearby airport or via parachute deployment. Once the incident commander has custody of the downlink package, the ground personnel can view data from the aircraft.

The ASPECT system is installed in an AeroCommander 680, a twin-engine aircraft capable of cruising speeds of 190 knots and the ability to loiter over the incident collecting data for up to six hours. The aircraft is currently based at Midway Airport, near Waxahachie, Texas. The aircraft and its pilots are under contract with the US Environmental Protection Agency to provide support to the EPA and local responders in the case of an atmospheric release of chemicals.

EPA's Emergency Community and Outreach Team
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)'s Emergency Communications and Outreach Team (ECOT) is a cadre of field-experienced EPA community involvement and public affairs specialists who stand ready to support the on-scene coordinators (OSCs) in removal and emergency responses. This exhibit will include information on the services ECOT can provide and features a matrix highlighting the skills individual ECOT members can bring to a response and how to contact them.

EPA Environmental Response Team Technical Services
Come check out the latest and greatest on-scene coordinators (OSC) web site. Take a look at the impressive job many OSCs have done in creating their own web sites and forums. If you'd like to make your own website but haven't had the time, stop by the EPA Environmental Response Team's (ERT) Tech Zone area. You'll find support staff and Internet access available to help you get your site posted "live" on the Internet. For an example of what to expect, visit While at the ERT booth, check out EPA's new Remote Access and Virtual Private Networking (VPN) Services, the Agency's new initiative to help OSCs access important Agency and Internet services from remote locations.

The benefit of VPN is that it will allow connections to the EPA network over high-speed data lines in addition to standard dial-up telephone lines. Currently, access is provided only through dial-up service. The VPN initiative is expected to be in full swing by the time of the OSC Readiness Training Program. Support staff will be ready to assist in installing and configuring the software. More information is availableat and If you have any questions about any of the services provided by ERT in the Tech Zone, please call (800) 999-6990 or by e-mail at .

Here's What You'll Need To Get Started

  • Site name
  • Site number
  • Site address
  • Site abstract either typed directly at the time you create the site or copied from an existing word processing document.
  • Site photo a cover image to be displayed on the home page for your site in, preferably, .jpg or .gif format. Although a site photo is not required, it greatly enhances the look of the page.

Additional information you may want to have ready to post to your site, includes:

  • Points of Contact for example, community relations contacts, local officials, contractor representatives, and others.
  • Site photos
  • Pollution reports (POLREP)
  • Documents for example, fact sheets

If you would like your VPN services configured on site, bring the following information: (information and hardware will be provided to you automatically when the VPN program is in full swing).

  • An e-mail message from [email protected] that provides your User Name, Token Serial Number, and Personal Identification Number.
  • An e-mail message from [email protected] that provides your AT&T Account Identification (ID), AT&T User ID and Initial Password.
  • Your RSA SecurID Token Device, which you will receive by mail
    After VPN access has been configured, you can check your Lotus Notes mail through the VPN, provided Lotus Notes is installed on that computer and you have a current copy of your Notes ID file. For more information, check out the ERT videos at and software at

EPA Local Governments Reimbursement

EPA's Local Governments Reimbursement (LGR) program provides Federal funds to local governments for costs related to temporary emergency measures conducted in response to releases or threatened releases of hazardous substances. The program serves as a "safety net" to provide supplemental funding to local governments that do not have funds available to pay for these response actions. Eligible local governments may submit applications to EPA for reimbursement of up to $25,000 per incident. More information is available at

EPA Incident Management Assistance Teams
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)'s Incident Management Assistance Teams (IMAT) represent a new program that the EPA is developing to provide supplemental emergency response support to Regions affected by major disasters or nationally significant incidents. Through the IMAT, EPA employees who are trained to provide key services will be able to support a Region's emergency response efforts using an incident command system (ICS) approach. The IMATs will consist of specially trained employees from the 10 Regions, Headquarters, and the Environmental Response Team (ERT). The exhibit and associated materials will describe how team members are trained within the concepts of a ICS and how an OSC's response to a terrorist incident can be better integrated with the other Federal and state authorities. Materials will include posters showing the IMAT mission statement, the IMAT organizational chart in an ICS format, the IMAT concept with team locations and backup Region/ERT relationships, and a pamphlet containing this information.

EPA Office of Research and Development
EPA Office of Research and Development (ORD) National Homeland Security Research Center (NHSRC) located in Cincinnati, Ohio conducts research to develop improved methods for detection, decontamination and remediation of contaminated buildings, protect drinking water and distribution systems and develop risk assessment techniques after a terrorist attack. The mission of the NHSRC is to assist the emergency responders, managers, and on-scene coordinators (OSCs) with science and engineering based support in responding, detecting, decontaminating and remediating the aftermath from a Nationally Significant Incident (NSI). The NHSRC is investigating new and improved sampling and analytical methods for chemical and biological agents.

The NHSRC is available to support the OSCs during a NSI at all times through the EPA's Emergency Operations Center, the Regional Response Center, and the Environmental Response Team.

The Tech Zone of the OSC Readiness Conference will allow for the presentation of the support capabilities of the NHSRC Safe Buildings Program, Water Security Program (Drinking Water and Wastewater Systems), Rapid Risk Assessment Program, and the Technical Assistance program. A complete description of the NHSRC can be found at

EPA Office of Superfund Remediation and Technology Innovation
EPA's OSRTI advocates the development and application of innovative technologies for the assessment, treatment, and monitoring of the cleanup of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. OSRTI's activities include the development of partnerships between the public and private sectors, the preparation of technology perspectives and assessments, the development of cost and performance studies, the provision of assistance to vendors of technologies and commercialization efforts, and the delivery of training programs and Internet seminars. More information is available at

EPA's Peer Support and Critical Incident Stress Management Team
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Peer Support and Critical Incident Stress Management Team offers a national network of trained peers and other EPA staff that the on-scene coordinators (OSCs) can talk with on a confidential basis, either in person or over the telephone. The peers understand the OSC's job and can offer support when OSCs need to vent about extended time away from home, difficulties with other partner agencies or the public, a difficult response, or one of the many other things that can make the OSC's job so challenging. Other team members have backgrounds in the mental health field and can help refer OSCs to outside professionals who specialize in stress and trauma. Team members are available during regular business hours, and some team members also may be available at other times. The team also is available to provide stress management assistance at disasters. The team's exhibit includes posters, brochures, and a variety of stress management-related handouts. Members of the team will be available to provide any additional information.

EPA Oil Program Division
Oil spills endanger public health, imperil drinking water, devastate natural resources, and disrupt the economy. EPA's Oil Spill Program plays an important role in protecting the environment through prevention of, preparation for, and response to oil spills. This year's display will include a table top about the revised Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) rule. More information is available at

EPA's Radiological Emergency Response Team
EPA's Radiological Emergency Response Team (RERT) is a special team available to assist on-scene coordinators (OSCs) under the National Contingency Plan. The RERT booth will provide information on RERT resources that are available to the OSCs. RERT members will also be available to discuss the ORIA laboratory capabilities and projects that are underway within EPA's Radiological Emergency Response Program. RERT members will be available to demonstrate equipment and answer any questions concerning the RERT. More information is available at

F&J Specialty Products, Inc.
F&J Specialty Products Inc. (F&J), founded in 1979 and located in Ocala, Florida is a leading manufacturer of air monitoring equipment, airflow calibration systems, and other accessories.
F&J has been awarded the Deployable Air Monitoring and Radiation Detection System contract under EPA's homeland security program. F&J's exhibit will display the following equipment:

  • Deployable Air Monitoring and Radiation Detection System
  • Emergency Preparedness High Volume and Low Volume Air Sampling Kits

These emergency air monitoring systems will permit EPA personnel to conduct rapid air monitoring activities to evaluate airborne hazards in the event of an emergency.
Various products will be demonstrated to illustrate set up, operation, and calibration of the instrument systems. Other applicable accessories also will be available for review.

INFICON designs, manufactures and markets field-portable instruments for on-site environmental assessment, characterization, and monitoring. HAPSITE, the only portable gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer (GC/MS) designed for on-scene detection, identification and quantification of toxic industrial chemicals/toxic industrial materials (TICs/TIMs) and chemical warfare agents (CWAs), provides results in minutes that are necessary to make critical decisions affecting life, health, safety, and the mission. Scentograph, a portable GC, is designed for fast, on-site field analysis of volatile organic compounds in air, soil, or water.

Mine Safety Appliances Company
Mine Safety Appliances Company (MSA) is dedicated to producing a complete range of equipment and systems for plant and worker protection.

MSA is a global company with 27 operating companies, serving customers in five continents. Their products help protect lives in more than 120 countries. These products include respirators, respirator cartridges, gas masks, riot control products, fire helmets and shields, self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), thermal imaging cameras, hard hats, head protection, fall protection products, harnesses, lanyards, lifelines, confined space equipment, training and consulting services, hearing protection, eye and face protection, monitors, portable instruments, permanent gas detection equipment, and mining products.

MSA serves a variety of industries, which include firefighting, industrial manufacturing, industrial hygiene, chemical, pharmaceutical, steel, construction, hazardous materials, abatement operations, mining, oil refining, nuclear, utilities, shipbuilding, agriculture, pulp and paper, homeland security, and home improvement retail.

National Response Center
The National Response Center (NRC) is the sole national point of contact for reporting oil, chemical, radiological, and biological discharges anywhere in the United States and its territories. The NRC gathers and distributes spill data for the federal on-scene coordinators and is the communication center for the National Response Team.

Ohio Lumex Company Inc.
Ohio Lumex Company Inc. will present their portable Lumex RA 915 mercury monitors. All monitors, based on atomic absorption technology with Zeeman background correction, provide interference-free ultralow mercury detection in real time. Attachments for solid and liquid analyses enable field mercury testing in any matrix without sample preparation. A wide variety of their instruments are used for emergency response for oil spills and counter terrorism. Portable Ultraviolet Fluorescence Analyzer "Fluorat" is used for simple field testing of soil and water for petroleum hydrocarbons. Skyshield PSU-03 Portable Gas Chromatograph is used in real-time analysis of explosives and chemical weapon-agents in gaseous and liquid samples.
In early 2000, Ohio Lumex Company Inc. was certified for compliance with ISO 9000/94 Standard IQ-Net reg.#2000/13687 for the design, production, quality control, and servicing of its analytical equipment.

Pine Environmental Services Inc.
Pine Environmental Services Inc. supplies products to meet air monitoring, soil sampling, surveying, water quality, and water sampling equipment needs. Pine Environmental Services Inc. is a rapidly growing, east coast-based distributor offering worldwide overnight delivery.
Their Tech Zone exhibit will include factory-trained technicians and sales representatives available to demonstrate equipment and answer questions for Category 2 Emergency Response Hazmat, Category 9 Specialized Equipment, and Category 6 ER Air Sampling and Meteorological. The equipment at the exhibit includes:

  • Jerome 431 Mercury Analyzer
  • MultiRAE Gas Monitor with VOC Detection
  • Foxboro TVA Toxic Vapor Analyzer PID/ID
  • YSI 556 Multi-Probe Water Quality System
  • BIOS DryCal Calibration and Nexus Data Logging Module
  • Gilian GilAir-5-Sampling Pump Kits

For more information, contact Pine Environmental Services at (800) 301-9663 or visit the web at

RADēCO, LLC has been awarded the HI-Volume Air Sampler portion of the U.S. EPA's contract B3-1103-NTSX (REV 2). RADēCO LLC will display the following equipment:

  • Model H810 Air Sampler
  • Model TRP-2 Tripod
  • 2500-23, 2" Filter Sampler Holder
  • Battery Pack (12 or 24VDC) Optional
  • 2000 Watt Inverter (Optional)

This equipment will allow emergency workers to sample the air and to determine if there are airborne concentrations of radioactive particulates. RADēCO will show case the proper way to install the battery pack and inverter as well as the general operation of the different styles of H810 Air Samplers available. Other accessories for this equipment will be show cased for additional consideration.

Safeware Inc.
Safeware Inc.'s Emergency Management Group (EMG) brings experience to action. EMG utilizes Safeware Inc.'s strong relationships with leading industry manufacturers, advanced technology, and extensive experience in working through crisis, to support the efforts of those in the field. EMG is available to support the response, rescue and clean-up efforts surrounding environmental threats, acts of nature, and terrorism. Whether it is personal protective apparel, breathing apparatus, gas detection instruments, decontamination equipment or any other specialized items, their extensive experience in equipment procurement, training and service is available to assist you in meeting any operational requirement. Safeware Inc. will exhibit the APD2000 chemical agent detector that simultaneously detects nerve and blister agents and the Precision Dual Ball Rotameters used for field calibration of air sample pumps.

Sensidyne Inc. and Wilner-Greene Associates
Sensidyne, Inc., founded in 1983 and located in Clearwater, Florida, is a leading manufacturer/supplier of gas detection equipment, air monitoring pumps, and gas detector tubes. The Tech Zone exhibit will include Gilian personal, area air sampling pumps and air flow calibration devices as well as Kitagawa detector tubes. The featured product will be the Aircon-2 area monitoring pump. Aircon-2 was used by the EPA in monitoring for airborne dust, asbestos, and trace metals at the World Trade Center site. Product demonstrations including air flow calibration will be ongoing at the exhibit.

SensIR Technologies
SensIR Technologies will exhibit the portable HazMatID, a compact self-contained chemical identifier that can identify solids, liquids, and powders in less than 20 seconds. Weighing only 22 lbs., the system can easily be carried on site for instant analysis. Materials including toxic industrial chemicals, explosives, environmental contaminants, and chemical warfare agents are identified with ease.

Siemens Environmental Systems
Siemens Environmental Systems has evolved over the last two years from essentially a radiation sensor equipment supplier to a full integration provider of remote monitoring systems. The business realizes revenue from two major streams: approximately half from sale of detector sensors and the other half from integration services and transmission equipment. Radiation sensors include electromagnetic pipe detection (EPDs), third party sensors (Thermo equipment/AMS-4, E600's); Telemetry includes EPD transmitter, UTX, Base/Repeaters while Intergration Services include software (Teletrak, radIS, Emergin) and other services such as project management, installation, and training.

Thermo Electron
Thermo Electron's Radiation Measurement & Protection (RMP) business includes over nine established businesses in radiation detection instrumentation and shielding. They deliver a complete set of solutions to an ever expanding worldwide market demanding better radiation measurement and protection. The combined expertise and capabilities offered by Thermo Electron's RMP business positions it as a global leader with a wide range of products and services. The diversified product line covers everything from simple hand-held Geiger counters to complex integrated monitoring systems to custom neutron shielding configurations installed or in use at major nuclear facilities and research centers around the world.

The Training Exchange
The Training Exchange provides a range of training information to staff at EPA, other federal agencies, and state, tribal, and local representatives who are involved in the management and remediation of hazardous waste. Training coordinators, on-scene coordinators, remedial project managers, permit writers, corrective action managers, site assessment managers (SAM), enforcement staff, community involvement coordinators (CIC), state program managers, and others will find training courses and information targeted directly to their needs. More information, along with details about the more than 65 classes offered through The Training Exchange, is available at

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) military and civilian engineers, scientists, and other specialists work hand-in-hand as leaders in engineering and environmental matters. Approximately 34,600 civilian and 650 military men and women make up USACE's diverse workforce of biologists, engineers, geologists, hydrologists, natural resource managers, and other professionals who meet the demands of changing times and provide quality responsive engineering services to the nation. The efforts of the USACE include: planning, designing, building, and operating water resources and other civil works projects (navigation, flood control, environmental protection, disaster response, and more); designing and managing the construction of military facilities for the U.S. Army and the U.S. Air Force; and providing design and construction management support for other federal agencies. More information about USACE is available at

U.S. Coast Guard National Strike Force
The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) National Strike Force (NSF) was created in1973 to respond to oil and hazardous substances incidents to support USCG & U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on-scene coordinators while executing responsibilities under the National Contingency Plan. The NSF is comprised of three strike teams (Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf) and the Strike Force Coordination Center. The NSF offers a broad range of technical expertise and services including incident management, hazard/risk assessments, specialized equipment, and public affairs support and training. An exhibit manned by members of the Gulf Strike Team will showcase the NSF's capabilities and provide more information on the policies and procedures for activation of a Strike Team for assistance during incidents.

Waypoint Technology Group
Waypoint Technology Group provides a wide range of mapping and field data collection solutions for businesses, government, educational institutions and other organizations that can benefit from the application of Global Positioning System (GPS) and Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies. As an authorized distributor for the full line of Mapping/GIS and Land Survey systems manufactured by Trimble Navigation, Ltd. Waypoint provide sales and technical support for Trimble GPS and optical positioning systems along with certified training, equipment rental, and technical support services. They also offer system integration and consulting services related to the development of custom applications for radiological mapping, hydrographic mapping, environmental monitoring, and asset management. For radiological mapping applications, they offer a number of integrated systems that combine a radiological measurement device with a Trimble GPS Mapping System for automated data collection and export to GIS, computer-aided design or database format. A Waypoint representative will demonstrate how these types of systems can be deployed and will discuss the wide variety of applications for this technology.