Workshop Evaluation Forms

Category A: Management

Alternative Contracting Mechanisms

Enforcement and Legal Issue for OSCs

Getting the Job Done: A Workshop on Acquisition and Emergency Response Contract Management

Knowing and Using the National Contingency Plan

Media Relations Training

Stress Management for OSCs

Category B: Science and Technology

Bio 101 & Bioterrorism

Bucket Chemistry for Field Responders - Morning Session

Bucket Chemistry for Field Responders - Afternoon Session

Industrial Processes

Radiation at Superfund Sites Advanced

Sampling Design

Wastewater Treatment Fundamentals for Removal Actions

Category C: Resources and Tools

Case Studies

Data Management Issues, Tools, and Resources for OSCs

Environmental Statutes: The Basics

Risk and Crisis Communication - November 19, 2003

Risk and Crisis Communication - November 20, 2003

Category D: Response

Anthrax Response

Asbestos Sampling and Analysis

Basic Hazard Categorization

Bioremediation for Oil Spills

Dirty Bomb

Emergency Response to Radiation - ERT

Forensic Sampling

Introduction to Explosive Recognition and Safety for OSCs

Meth Labs

Response Issues at Pipeline Spills

Category E: Prevention and Preparedness

Alternative Countermeasures for Oil Spills

Corrosion of Tanks and Piping

Drill and Exercise Design

Federal Response Plan

Introduction to Chemical Planning and Preparedness

Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) on Endangered Species Act and Oil Spills

Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures (SPCC): New Rule

Water System Response