The 2002 OSC Readiness Training Program will be held November 18
through 22, 2002 in Phoenix, Arizona. Registration opens ONLY for EPA OSCs
on August 19, 2002.
Other invited participants may begin registration on August 26, 2002. All participants, including instructors for training courses and exhibitors for the Tech Zone, need to register for the program.

Please visit the training program web site before August 19, 2002 for up-to-date information about lodging, travel, and other activities. To preview the program agenda, please click on the "Agenda" button.

If you are a new EPA OSC, the OSC Readiness Training Board recommends the following courses:
Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome: Developing a Site Strategy for Removal Actions
Asbestos History and Regulations
Basic Air Monitoring
Bucket Chemistry for Field Responders
The Daily Grind: Project Management for Effective Field Operations
Dangerous and Hazardous Buildings
Incident Command System/Unified Command
Industrial Processes
Introduction to Explosive Recognition and Safety for OSCs
Knowing and Using the National Contingency Plan

For further information, please contact Jen Grund, Tetra Tech EM Inc. at (703) 390-0603 or by e-mail at

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